Competitions and events of the 2018 year


February 15—18 International tournament of category A for the prizes of the President of Belarus (M,W, c/s) Belarus, Minsk
February 23—24 International tournament, Memorial V. Gordeev (M) Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek


March 09—12 XXVII Dutch Open Sambo and Combat Sambo Championship Netherlands, Dalfsen
March 22—25 World Cup Memorial A. Kharlampiev Russia, Moscow


April 12—16 European Sambo Championship among Youth and Juniors Czech Republic, Prague
April 20—22 International tournament "Cup of Baltic countries" Russia, Kaliningrad
April 21 British International Open Sports sambo (M&W) United Kingdom, Folkestone
April 27—30 International tournament of category A, Memorial Yu. Potapov (M/W) Russia, Vladivostok


May 09—12 International tournament among Youth (cadets) «Pobeda» (teamcompetition) Russia, Saint Petersburg
May 17—21 European Sambo Championship Greece, Athens
May 25—27 Grand Prize of Paris (juniors and adults) sports and combat sambo France, Paris


June 29—02 International tournament of category A for the prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbaev (M&W) Kazakhstan, Astana


July 21 International tournament «Beach Sambo Open» Cyprus, Larnaca


August 17—20 International tournament, Memorial M.Burdikov (M&W) International camp for athletes Russia, Kstovo


September 03—05 International tournament in combat sambo (M) Russia, Irkutsk
September 05—08 International tournament for the prizes of ODKB, youths 17-18 Russia, Moscow
September 07—10 International tournament, Memorial A.Tschocheli (M) Georgia, Tbilisi
September 08—10 International team tournament among Students Memorial S. Mikhailovich (M&W) Serbia, Novi Sad
September 08—11 International tournament, FIAS President’s Cup sports and combat sambo (M&W) Korea, Incheon
September 28—30 Presidents Cup, team event United Kingdom, to be defined
September 29—30 European Union Latvia, Riga


October 04—07 International tournament of category A for the prizes of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan (M&W) Russia, Kazan
October 11—15 World Sambo Championship аmong Youth and Juniors Georgia, Tbilisi
October 19—22 World Sambo Championship аmong Masters Morocco, to be defined


November 08—12 World Sambo Championship Romania, Bucharest
November 16 International Sambo Day


December 03—06 World Sambo Championship аmong сadets Serbia, Novi Sad
December 06—10 World Sambo Championship аmong Students Serbia, Novi Sad
December 14—17 European Cup Spain, Madrid
December 14—16 International tournament Memorial Pr. Eigminas Lithuania, Vilnius