European seminar of sports judges

July 03—09, 2011 Italy, Ragusa


Invitation (DOC, 58.5 KB)

The Fifth edition of the European Seminar for referees and coaches was held in Marina di Ragusa (Italy) within July 3 to 9, 2011. As always, it was a perfect cooperation of Roman Bolotskiy (RUS), Ivan Netov (BUL) and Roberto Ferraris (ITA). In fact, they have done a good program which combined theory and practice for coaches and referees and consisted of 2 lessons per day.

27 persons took part in this edition. The Italian Sambo Federation also invited a new group of students from south of Italy to take part in this seminar. It was possible thanks to a new program of the Italian Sambo Federation which aims to prepare a new team of students for the World Students Championship for the next year and for the Universiade of 2013 in Kazan.