Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian sambo federation"

01033, Kiev, Ukraine, Sh.Rustaveli str, Ap.1512, 39/41 (de facto address)
+380 44 287 17 78
+380 44 289 61 41
President Vadym Rogach
Secretary General Vladimir Vynogradov
Vice-president Yuriy Skrypal
Head coach Mikhail Rudenko

Since 1994 sambo has been developing in Ukraine. Roman Shkolnikon, student of Vasiliy Oschepkov, initiated inclusion of sambo in the education programme of Kharkov University of Physical Culture. Later the first sambo section was created in the high school of coaches at the University. Thanks to that activity sambo sections were opened almost in every region of Ukraine. From 1938 to 1992 the Ukrainian athletes participated in competitions in the Soviet Union and also in the international competitions as the national team of the USSR. Since 1992 after the dissolution of the USSR the national team represents Ukraine.

During the history of sambo development Ukraine has taken leading places in the competitions.

The federation participates in the activity of FIAS. The national teams of Ukraine in all weight categories are at the top three in the world. The Ukrainian athletes won more than 1800 medals at the European and world championships, more than 150 gold medals.

The Ukrainian sambo federation consists of 25 regional sambo federations with 125 sports organisations and 21 000 sportsmen. There are many winners for the last 20 years in Ukraine, among them: 48 world champions, 63 European champions, 35 world cups winners, 49 honoured masters of sports, 63 masters of sports of international class, 2210 master of sports, 45 honoured coaches.

This became possible thanks to coordinated work of sportsmen, coaches and referees, specialists in sports and in the administration. The representatives from government, public sector and commercial sector contributed to the development of sambo.

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