Turkish sport-combat sambo federation

Senlikkoy Mah. Hurriyet Cad. Villa Cetin No:1/5 Florya-Bakirkoy/Istanbul, TURKIYE
+90 553 304 4553
President Gadir Mammadov
Secretary General Ali Uluturk
1st Vice-president Mustafa Ercan

The federation began the first events to present and develop Sambo in Turkey in 2009. Sambo master Gadir Mammadov established the Turkish sport-combat sambo federation.

The Federation participated in the world championship in Vilnius in November 2011. It was a great success in the history of sambo in Turkish sport. 

İn May 2012 Turkish sport-combat sambo federation participated in European championship in Moscow. At the XX Congress of European Sambo Federation the Turkish sport-combat sambo federation has been elected as a member of the European sambo federation.

The federation has established valuable ties with the Turkish Olympic Committee and cooperates with the Turkish Ministry of National Education to develop sambo in schools. 

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