Republic organization «Byelorussian sambo federation»

Republic of Belarus, 220012, Minsk, Surganova str., 2, off.38
Chairman Alexandre Kobrucev
Secretary General Valery Tsimakhovich
1st Deputy of the Chairman Veronika Kozlovskaya

The employee of the city governing body of militia Mikhail Lyunas initiated Sambo development in the Belorussian SSR. He had participated for the first time in the sambo training camp held in Dinamo in Moscow.

In 1946 Mikhail Lyunas started to form a sambo section. In 1947 there was the first training camp to study methods of sambo teaching and sambo practice. In 1950 five teams with 43 athletes took part in the individual and team championships in the Belorussian SSR. Since 1952 the individual and team championships have been annually organised.

Since 1997 the Open sambo championship of Belarus for prizes of the President of Belarus has been held. The World championship was organised in 1992, in 1995 the European championship, in 2008 the European championship among youth and juniors in Brest, in 2010 the European championship among seniors (men and women). In November 2012 the capital of Belarus hosted one again the world championship among in sports and combat sambo.

High ranked titles of the Belorussian sambo athletes during the Soviet Union are the following:

Vladimir Yaprintsev - 4 times world champion, Magomad Ramazanov - world champion, champion of Europe, world cup winner, Victor Bukhval - world champion, Mikhail Baranov – double world champion.

The most significant achievements of the Belorussian sambo athletes in our days are the following: Tatiana Moskvina – 10 times world champion, 4 times champion of Europe, and 3 times world cup winner, Veronika Kozlovskaya – 7 times world champion and 7 times champion of Europe, Dmitry Basylev – 6 times world champion, Natik Bagirov – 4 times world champion, Yury Rybak – 3 times world champion, Andrey Kazusionok – 3 times world champion, Yulia Borisik – 3 times world champion, Anastasaya Arkhipova (Leshkova) – 3 times world champion, Ekaterina Prokopenko – double world champion.

Comprehensive contribution to Sambo development in the Republic of Belarus was made by:

Mikhail Lyunas, Vladilen Zhogin, Vitaly Senko, Yury Goloshapov, Arkady Boganov, Nikolay Kulabukhov, Viktor Danilin, Vladimir Sheiko, Nikolay Makarov, Anatoly Koriago, Evgeny Ageichik, Vladimir Grakov, Ivan Sapego, Valery Ankinovich, Anatoly Zaretskiy, brothers Ernst Antonovich and Arnold Antonovich, Petr Mistkevich, Magomed Ramazanov, Vladimir Yaprintsev, Viacheslav Kot and many others.

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