VIDEO LECTURES: History of Sambo. Episode one

June 12 2020

Combat Sambo League, All-Russian Sambo Federation and media group “Red square”, with the support of the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation, are preparing a special online series of the history of Sambo development.

Sambo is a national sport that has come a long way from forming its own system of defense and attack to being recognized as an Olympic sport. The history of Sambo is inextricably linked with the history of our country.

The online cycle consists of four episodes: the period of the origin, development and recognition of Sambo as a sport; the war period from 1939 to 1945; the post — war period of recovery and recognition of a new sport on the international arena; the time of high-profile victories and recognition of Sambo as an Olympic sport.

“There is no future without the past. The idea of the project is to educate young athletes and give a start to their new victories. Only by studying history can we understand the path that has already been taken and start creating new episodes in the modern history of Sambo,” said the head of the all — Russian Sambo Federation.

The project is attended by legendary athletes of the Soviet period, veterans of sports and Champions of our time, film and television artists, President of the all-Russian Sambo Federation S. V. Eliseev and Minister of sports of the Russian Federation O. V. Matytsin.

The first episode of the online series was released on Russia Day on June 12, 2020.