Mikayel Hayrapetyan about the training of Armenian sambo athletes during the pandemic

August 10
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  • Mikayel Hayrapetyan, the President of Armenian sambo federation, in a special interview for eurosambo.comtold about how athletes trained in COVID-19 conditions:

    — How’s quarantine going in your country?

    — The Armenian Sambo Federation fulfills all the requirements set by the Ministry of Health of the Republic, as well as the Commandant. The situation in the Republic of Armenia is under control. Thankfully, there are no registered cases of coronavirus infection among athletes, coaches, and judges.

    — How do athletes train under the circumstances connected with quarantine?

    — The Federation has received permission to train the national team under special conditions.

    a) before training, doctor and coach treat locker rooms and training areas with a special solution that is designed to disinfect operating rooms and dental instruments;

    b) before entering the premises and training halls of the Armenian Sambo Federation , doctors measure the temperature of athletes. Also there is a thorough disinfection of athletes and their clothing;

    c) before training, doctor and coach check the clothes for cleanliness;

    d) at the end of training, athletes must wash their sports clothes, in which they were engaged.

    — What is federation doing during the quarantine?

    — The national team’s representatives periodically keep in touch with the athletes and monitor their physical condition, giving instructions and recommendations for conducting general physical training, as well as special physical training under quarantine.

    — What plans do athletes and federation have after quarantine will be over?

    — The Armenian Sambo Federation has a leading position in terms of control over athletes compared to other national Federations. We are ready to participate in all types of competitions planned by the European and International Sambo Federations, as well as resume all the national events that were planned by the Federation. In addition, we are developing a plan for the additional measures to restore the training process as soon as possible.