International tournament Paris Grand Prix (adults, juniors), sport sambo (M&W) and combat sambo

May 28—31, 2015 France, Paris Men, Women, Men (Combat)


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Application form (fr) (XLS, 301.0 KB)

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Saturday 31 of may 2014

You will find all information concerrning accommodation, the schedules and the general program of the competition in the appendices with this invitation.

The Great Prize is opened to CFS (FFL), ESF, FIAS and FISU licensees, according to guidelines below:

1. Sambo tournament Seniors
This international competition of Sambo is open to Young (who are 18 years old), Juniors and Seniors Categories men and women (born in 1996 and before).

The weight categories retained are as follows:
Men :–52 ; –57 ; –62 ; –68 ; –74 ; –82 ; – 90 ; –100 et +100 Kg
Women : –48 ; –52 ; –56 ; –60 ; –64 ; –68 ; –72 ; –80 et +80 Kg

The rules applied are those of C.F.S (French Sambo Committee) and F.I.A.S.

2. Combat-Sambo tournament Seniors
This international competition of Combat-Sambo is open to Juniors and Seniors categories men (born in 1995 and before).

At the time of the weighing, the Samboïst must choose in one of the following levels:
-                  Level « Beginner »: less than 2 years practice
-                  Level« Advanced »: more than 2 years practice
Please remember to register by writing "Beginner" or "Advanced" on the engagement sheets in the "Categories" box.

The categories of weight retained are as follows:
Men :–52 ; –57 ; –62 ; –68 ; –74 ; –82 ; – 90 ; –100 et +100 Kg

NB : Samboïsts must choose the style in which they want to fight : Sport Sambo or Combat Sambo

The rules applied are from C.F.S. 2014 decisions.

The guidelines of participation are as follows:
1°) Return of the confirmation of inscription of each club, accompanied by the sheets of engagement before Friday May 23, 2014 by mail (Théodore ASLAMATZIDIS), then payment on the spot.

The foreign participants must also have an International personal INSURANCE which covers every kind of medical expenses abroad and which include France and every extra travelling back expenses.

Transfers, displacements, lodging as well as the meals are the responsibility of the participants.

Each foreign club must bring its flag like its national anthem.

2°) Participation fees:
a)      Clubs affiliated to the F.I.S.U. (with student card): 5€.
b)     Clubs affiliated to E.S.F. or F.I.A.S.: 10 € per athlete for both (combat Sambo and sport Sambo.)
c)      Free Entry for the public

Medals, diploms and presents (brand t-shirts or shorts or caps or sambo products) for all medalists

Some money will be offered to the finalists of the categories of 10 fighters or more (sport Sambo and advanced combat Sambo only)

We will purpose you some drinks, sandwiches and food.

Sambo Equipments:
You could buy during competition Sambo equipments (jackets, short, shoes, gloves…) at interesting prices.

Less than 500 meters:

Centre International de Séjour de Paris KELLERMANN (The best choice) – 300 rooms
17 Boulevard Kellerman
75013 PARIS
Tél. : +331 44 16 37 38
Fax : +331 44 16 37 39
E-mail :
Site website and online registration:

Single room (Shower and Toilets)
35,00 EUR

Room with 2 beds (Shower and Toilets)
24,50 EUR

Chamber of 2 to 4 beds
22,50 EUR

Chamber with 8 Beds
18,50 EUR

(Price per person)

HOTEL Ibis** Paris Porte d’Italie
13, rue du Val de Marne

1 single room: 49.00 EUR
Breakfast: 6.00 EUR
Tél. : +331 49 69 94 94
Fax : +331 45 46 41 52

HOTEL CAMPANILE** PARIS (Porte d'Italie) - Le Kremlin-Bicêtre
Tél. +331 46 70 11 86
Fax : +33146706447

1 single room: 69.00 EUR

A L’IDEAL HOTEL** (Porte d’Orleans)
108, Boulevard Jourdan
75014 PARIS
Tél. : +331 45 40 45 16
Fax : +331 45 39 05 82

Single room: 75 EUR
2 beds room 95 EUR

Airports serving Paris:
The airport Roissy CHARLES OF GAULLE is the principal Parisian terminal. It is located North-East of Paris. The airport of ORLY is the second airport serving the capital. It is located South of Paris. For all information on the operation of the airport platform of Paris, please go to the website: and check the English version

The Charléty Stadium is accessible by the RER B, Paris rail suburban network starting from two airports (directly starting from Roissy CDG, via Orlyval with change at Antony station from Orly airport). To use public transport from these two airports: