Latvians sum up the youth and juniors WC

October 19 2011

On October 16th World Sambo Championships among youth and juniors has come to the end in Riga (Latvia). The confident victory in the all-team classification was gained with the team of the Russia which have won 34 medals (16 gold, on 9 silver and bronze).

Owners of competitions — team Latvia — won the only one prize-winning places: silver medal in a weight category up to 87 kg in tournament of youth men was won by Vyacheslav Romanenok. “Certainly, wished to win more medals, — vice-president of Latvian Sambo clubs Association Vsevolod Zeleny speaks. — But we have many fifth places, that is our sportsmen have stopped literally in a step from a pedestal. It is explainable: rich experience of performances at competitions of so serious level at many of them is not present. Latvian sportsmen supposed mistakes not because are technically badly prepared, namely by inexperience. Therefore it is possible to consider, that our team has executed the program-minimum on this tournament”.

From the point of view of the organization of the championship, in opinion Vsevolod Zeleny, owners too managed to execute all planned, though not on at the most high assessment: “There were some problems with an accomodation of spectators and sportsmen inside a sporthall, but we tried to solve them operatively. As a whole due to precise work of volunteers, security and other services of competition have passed without overlays. Riga was interested actively in the events occured in the championship, final duels were broadcast on online channel SAMBO.TV. In general, I consider, the holiday of sambo-wrestling in capital of Latvia has gone right”.

Now Riga, having received invaluable experience of carrying out of tournament of worldwide scale, in the near future can invite the adult World Championship on sambo-wrestling...

October 13—17, 2011 World Championships among youth and juniors Junior, Junior women, Youth men, Youth women  Latvia, Riga