Sportsmen from Russia, Kazakhstan and Austria are the medalists of the Memorial V.Gordeev

February 14 2013

The International tournament on sport and combat sambo in memory of Vitaly Gordeev has finished Sport Palace of the city of Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). 570 sportsmen from five countries (Austria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tadjikistan) took part in the competitions.

During two days athletes were struggled for the victory in 18 weight categories — by 9 in sport and combat sambo. Kyrgyzian sambists were dominated and won 16 gold medals. But Aleksey Kabylkin (Russia, weight category up to 62 kg) and Assylbek Alkey (Kazakhstan, up to 82 kg) could won the competitions in combat sambo.

Also two sportsmen from Kazakhstan — Medet Kasymzhanov (up to 68 kg, 2nd place, combat sambo) and Sayat Shamshiev (up to 90 kg, 3rd place, combat sambo) — as well as Evgeny Makarov (up to 100 kg, 3rd place, sport sambo) from Austria became the prize-winners of the tournament.

In other weight categories gold medals won (combat sambo): Belek Barakanov (up to 52 kg), Nursultan Artykbay uulu (up to 57 kg), Mairambek Kazybekov (up to 68 kg), Urmat Mambetzhan uulu (up to 74 kg), Nurbek Raimaly uulu (up to 90 kg), Tilek Kurapov (up to 100 kg), Alymbek Egimbaev (over 100 kg); (sport sambo): Bakbolot Tuleberdiev (up to 52 kg), Bakhtiyar Abdurakhmanov (up to 57 kg), Salmoorbek Ergeshaliev (up to 62 kg), Ilgizbek Saipiev (up to 68 kg), Nurbek Zhanybaev (up to 74 kg), Almazbek Akimbaev (up to 82 kg), Meliz Zholdoshev (up to 90 kg), Ivan Vinyarskiy (up to 100 kg), Maksat Musabaev (over 100 kg).

First time the tournament “V.Gordeev Memorial” was organised on 1988 and has the “republican” statute. Four years later range of these competitions raised to “all-Soviet Union”. On 1996 “V.Gordeev Memorial” rised up to the international level and constantly presented in the official FIAS calendar.


February 11—14, 2013 International tournament "B" category Memorial V.Gordeev Men, Men (Combat)  Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek