Cup of Belarus Republic on Combat Sambo

April 02 2013

On March, 30th the Cup of Belarus Republic on Combat Sambo held in the Palace of The Sport Wrestling named by A.Medved. The winners of these competitions got the right to take part in the European Championship 2013 in Crema (Italy) on May, 17-21.

strongest fighters of the country (Stanislav Kolbasov, winner of the World Championship 2012, Eduard Muravitskiy and Andrey Demyanchuk, prize-winners of the last year WCh) took part in the Cup of Belarus Republic.

Cup of Belarus Republic on Combat Sambo
March, 30th, 2013, Minsk (BLR), Palace of the Sport Wrestling named by A.Medved
Weight category up to 62 kg
1. Artiom SAVENKA (SC “Schock”)
2. Aliaksandr SHESHKO (Academy of the Domestic Ministry)
3. Yahor TCHIVIL (Academy of the Domestic Ministry) and Yury BIALYKH (SC “Liga”)

Weight category up to 68 kg
1. Apti BIMARZAEV (SC “Liga”)
2. Artiom LUZGIN (Academy of the Domestic Ministry)
3. Uladzimir VOLKAU (Academy of the Domestic Ministry) and Maksim PUGACHOU (SC “Alligator”)

Weight category up to 74 kg
1. Eduard MURAVITSKIY (SC “Liga”)
2. Maksim SALDATSENKA (SC “Schock”)
3. Pavel KALESNIK (SC “Liga”) and Rallan SMAHULAU (SC “Liga”)

Weight category up to 82 kg
1. Aliaksandr MEL’NIK (Homel’ “VSZ”)
2. Mikhail ADINTSOU (SC “Schock”)
3. Aliaksandr LABATSKIY (Academy of the Domestic Ministry) and Valery KURACHKIN (Academy of the Domestic Ministry)

Weight category up to 90 kg
1. Raman YARMALIUK (SC “Liga”)
2. Vadzim RUDKEVICH (SC “Liga”)
3. Dzmitry AVRAMAU (SC “Schock”) and Hleb MAROZAU (SC “Bushido”)

Weight category up to 100 kg
1. Stanislav KOLBASOV (SC “Liga”)
2. Dzmitry VOITAU (“Dynamo”)
3. Viacheslav SAVITSKIY (Sport School, Zhodino) and Siarhei BADYALO (Academy of the Domestic Ministry)

Weight category over 100 kg
1. Dzmitry BAHAMIAHKAU (SC “Liga”)
2. Dzianis IVANETS (SC “Bushido”)
3. Dzmitry VASSILYEU (SC “Bushido”)

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