The national championship of Germany in sambo has finished

March 13 2015

March 8, 2015 in Germany in Zeke (near Bremen) was held the German sambo championship. The competition was attended by 100 athletes. The weigh-ing of athletes took place the day before the event.

At the grand opening of the tournament Mayor of Zeke solemnly welcomed all the participants.

Bouts for the championship medals were on three mats. Sambo demonstrated spectacular fight. Referees closely followed the events.

“We are pleased that each year the number of young referees who come to the mats increases. First of all, the new FIAS rules came into force, through which significantly reduced the duration of the fights and the duration of the championship as well. We thank all participants, referees, organizers, and all those who help us and support. You are our main motivation! ”- said the President Sambo Federation of Germany Josef Barth.