Up-and coming stars in combat sambo competed in the Belarus Summer Cup among amateurs

July 19 2017

One of the brightest martial arts events was staged in the capital of the Republic of Belarus this summer.

The representatives of nine sports clubs from five regions of Belarus fought for the medals at the Open Summer Cup 2017, which was held on July 16, 2017 in the Republican centre of Olympic training martial arts in Minsk.

The leading Belarus internet portal OCTAGON.BY organized of the competition.

The combat sambo tournament Summer Cup 2017 was aimed at the amateurs and athletes, who have just begun to practice martial arts. All the tournament participants have been practicing contact martial arts no more than 3 years. The main goal of organizers was to give a try to the athletes in order they could check their skills and endurance in the competitions held in compliance with the combat sambo rules.

The tournament was staged in line with the International Sambo Federation’s rules (FIAS). It should be mentioned that refereeing was performed by highly qualified panel of referees with Vladimir Eremenko as a chairman, referee of extra-class international category.

It is interesting that the organizing committee made some alterations in the regulations of the combat sambo tournament.

The changes applied in the acting rules made the competition more creative.

Particularly, the participants were allowed to compete without jackets. It permitted to gather different representatives of martial arts from various schools in the Summer Cup 2017.

The spectators enjoyed the competition very much. Whereas the participants have just started practicing combat sambo, they were able to demonstrate exciting kicking and throwing techniques, as well as the perfect skills of locks and submission holds.

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The martial arts portal OCTAGON.BY announces the results of the combat sambo tournament Summer Cup 2017:

Weight category — 62 kg

Saakian Argam, “Sparta”, Belarus — 1 place

Klishevitch Artem, “Shark”, Belarus — 2 place

Weight category — 68 kg

Pashkovetch Vladislav, “Sparta”, Belarus — 1 place

Aniskovitch Alexandre, Zhodino, Belarus — 2 place

Simonchik Mikhail, “Boets”, Belarus — 3 place

Weight category — 74 kg

Shramko Yaroslav, Borisov, Belarus — 1 place

Garaga Dmirty, Minsk, Belarus — 2 place

Perekhodskiy Alexey, “Babilov”, Belarus — 3 place

Weight category — 82 kg

Ashmarov Denis, Zhodino, Belarus — 1 place

Konev Evgeniy, Maryina Gorka, Belarus — 2 place

Guk Pavel, “Babilov”, Belarus — 3 place

Weight category — 90 kg

Vorozhbitov Nikita, “Ratibor”, Belarus — 1 place

Tikhanovich Eduard, Loschnitsa, Belarus — 2 place

The organizing committee of Summer Cup 2017 expresses its gratitude to the Republican centre of Olympic training martial arts for assistance and precious help in the organisation and holding of the sports event.