Qualification of the Serbian sambо athletes for the Junior World Sambo Championship and the medal plan

August 07 2017

“Spens” sport complex in Novi Sad saw the qualification of the Serbian national team, which will perform at the World Championship among Youth and Juniors within October 12-16 in Serbia. The tournament has been embraced by a large number of spectators, offering a brilliant fight of 90 contestants from 15 clubs.

Tatjana Trivic, President of the Sambo Federation of Serbia, who closely followed the bouts of sportsmen during the contest, especially addmitted a good state of preparedness of Serbian athletes. She also suggests that this year the Serbian national team could win 5-10 medals at the World Championships in October in Novi Sad.

October 12—16, 2017 World Sambo Championship among Youth and Juniors Junior, Junior women, Youth men, Youth women  Serbia, Novi Sad