To the Participants, Organizers and Guests of the European Sambo Championship among Cadets

December 01 2017

Dear participants and sambo amateurs,

On behalf of the European Sambo Federation I am pleased to welcome you at the European Sambo Championship among Cadets 2017 in Porec.

I believe that the competitions will attract many spectators and sambo amateurs and will take a significant place in the calendar of national and international competitions. I am sure that the athletes’ achievements will enable Sambo popularization in Europe and strengthen its international position.

I wish the organizers to run this event at the highest level and offer sambo amateurs a lot of unforgettable bouts and discover the new talented sambo athletes!

I wish all a great sambo festival!

President of the European Sambo Federation

Sergey Eliseev

December 01—04, 2017 European Sambo Championship among Cadets Youth men, Youth women  Croatia, Poric