The European Sambo Federation Executive Committee meeting

March 25 2019

The Russian Olympic Committee hosted the Executive Committee of the European Sambo Federation on March 23, which was attended by 7 Executive Committee members of 13.

The agenda included the following issues:

1. “Preparation for the European Games 2019”. Sergey Eliseev announced the preparations for the European Games 2019 and offered to support the proposal to hold the European Sambo Championship within the framework of the European Games 2023. The decision was unanimously agreed.

2. “The ESF international competition calendar for 2019-2022”. Members of the Executive Committee considered the calendar of European competitions until 2022 and unanimously approved it. In addition, the EFS is open for proposals to stage the Championship of Europe and the European championship among Youth and Juniors 2022.

3. “Approval of changes in the Rules of organization and holding of official competitions of the European Sambo Federation”. In connection with the approval by the FIAS Executive Committee on March 22, 2019 of the new edition of the regulations for the organization and holding of FIAS official competitions, it was decided to make appropriate changes and approve the Regulations for the organization and holding of ESF official competitions in the new edition.

4. It was decided to submit the following issue for approval to the ESF Congress “Preliminary termination of powers of the Executive Committee members”: Hayrapetyan Levon (due to death); Stoilov Rumen Stefanov (on personal application request); Zeleny Vsevolods (on personal application request), and additional election of Executive Committee members.

5. The Unanimous decision was taken about holding the Congress of the European Sambo Federation during the European Sambo Championship on May 16, 2019 at 19.00 in Gijón (Spain).

The following draft agenda of the EFS Congress was also approved: 1. Report of the Executive Committee of the European Sambo Federation “Activity of the European Sambo Federation for 2018”; 2. Preparation for the European Games 2019; 3. Preliminary termination of powers and additional election of Executive Committee members of the European Sambo Federation; 4. Approval of changes in the Rules of organization and holding of ESF official competitions; 5. Miscellaneous. In addition, to establish the following rule of representation of delegates to the Congress of the EFS: 1 representative from an EFS member.

6. It was proposed and approved for the ESF Congress in Gijón (Spain) to elect a credentials Committee composed of: A. Tsintsadze (Georgia), Chairman of the Commission and Usev G. (Bulgaria) and M. Borisov (Russia) as members of the Commission.

7. The last issue “miscellaneous” FIAS Secretary of the Technical Commission Dmitry Maximov reported about the planned certification of athletes and coaches on qualification degrees in Sambo and accreditation of Sambo clubs.

Moreover, a cooperation agreement between the Turkish Sambo Federation, under the presidency of Kadir Polat, and the ESF President, Sergey Eliseev, was established.

March 21—24, 2019 World Cup «Memorial of A. Kharlampiev» (M&W, combat sambo)  Russia, Moscow