Patrick Did about the training of the Serbian sambists during the pandemic

June 17 2020

Patrick Drid, head coach of the Serbian Sambo Federation, in a special interview for told about how athletes trained during the COVID-19:

How’s quarantine going in your country?

The global response to Covid-19 has affected human life in many aspects, as well as sambo. The global outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in closure of gyms, fitness and parks. A lot of Serbian sambo athletes wasn’t being able to actively participate in their regular physical activities.

How do athletes train under the circumstances connected with quarantine?

During the quarantine period, athletes adhered to the recommendation of Governments and Ministry of sport and youth. Therefore, athletes trained at home in safe environment.

Sambo federation of Serbia motivate all athletes to use some methodical procedures which do not necessarily require a partner. It includes training of movements without a partner. It can be utilized on a lot of sambo technique with or without sambo specific equipment. Therefore, we gave some recommendation for training in safe environment.

What plans do athletes and federation have after quarantine will be over?

Quarantine is finished in Serbia, and we just continued with plan and program.