Participants of the Sambo World Championships 2020

November 04 2020

Today is the arrival day of the Sambo World Championships in Serbia, for which more than 400 athletes from 30 countries have arrived. Among them are athletes from Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Venezuela, Greece, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Columbia, Congo, Morocco, Mexic, Moldova, Russia, Romania, North Macedonia, Serbia, USA, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Philippines, France, Croatia, Estonia, South Africa.

For the whole duration of the competitions all of the competitors are going to be located in a “Sanitary bubble” in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19). As such, contacts between athletes will be minimal, and will consist only of essential command procedures. Athletes’ and representatives’ transportation from hotels to the venue and back will be conducted in separate busses. For the whole time of their stay, every delegation member must uphold the social distancing rule, wear a mask and measure their temperature.

Tomorrow will be the first day of the competition. Athletes from the following weight categories will meet: 52 kg, 60 kg, 68 kg, 80 kg (Female Juniors); 48 kg, 57 kg, 68 kg, 82 kg, 100 kg (Male Juniors).

At 10 A.M. local time the preliminary bouts and semi-finals will start, after which there will be a lunch-break. At 17:30 the evening part of the competitions will start, the opening ceremony and finals. You can watch it live on our website! Please note that the schedule is posted with Serbian time in mind (-2 hours from Moscow time).

Every country brought their best athletes and every one of them hopes to leave with a medal. Tomorrow the first day of the World Sambo Championships will decide some of the best sambo athletes of 2020.

November 05—08, 2020 World Sambo Championships (Youth and Juniors, M&W, Combat SAMBO) Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Serbia, Novi Sad