The third day of the World SAMBO Championships starts in Serbia

November 07 2020

The second day of the World SAMBO Championships starts. Today 10 sets of medals will be played for Youths in weight categories: 40 kg, 48 kg, 56 kg, 65 kg, 75 kg (Youths F), 48 kg, 56 kg, 65 kg, 75 kg, 87 kg (Youths M).

Also on this day there will be competitions among men, women and in combat sambo in the following weight categories: 52 kg, 64 kg, 80 kg (women), 57 kg, 74 kg, 100 kg (men), 62 kg, 82 kg, +100 kg (combat sambo).

Preliminary bouts, semi-finals begin at 10:00 am. At the end of the preliminary Junior bouts, the final bouts among Juniors will take place, as well as the award ceremony. At 18:00 the evening part of the competition and the final bouts for the first place among men, women and in combat sambo will begin. You can watch the online broadcast on our website! Please note that the schedule is for Serbian time (- 2 hours from Moscow)

November 05—08, 2020 World Sambo Championships (Youth and Juniors, M&W, Combat SAMBO) Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Serbia, Novi Sad