Qualification tournament for Dutch Sambists in Rotterdam

August 25 2022

On 20 August the Dutch Sambo Federation organized the qualification tournament for the European Championships. The location was the National Combat Center in Rotterdam. It was the first time in the Netherlands that such a tournament was needed and it means Sambo is growing.

The next athletes will be selected for the European Championships in Novi Sad, Serbia:


-59 kg: Jente van Asch

-65 kg: Bo Steffers

-80 kg: Esther Kleinlugtenbelt

-71 kg: Max Regenboog

-79 kg: Leco Terpstra


-72 kg: Vera van ‘t Zand

-80 kg: Esther Kleinlugtenbelt


-59 kg: Sacha Buwalda

-65 kg: Sem van Dun

-72 kg: Naomi Overkamp

-80 kg: Amber Weiland

-71 kg: Jaap van Doorn

-79 kg: Kevin Bakker

-88 kg: Mistral Janssen

-98 kg: Nick Kelly

+98 kg: Max Welten

Maykel Claassen will be the head coach and he will be assisted by Nils Koedam.