International Sambo Tournament in Germany

June 29 2023

International Sambo Tournament for young athletes of different ages was held on June 10 in Germany. Sambo wrestlers from 7 countries took part in the competition, which took place in the city of Luneburg for the 19th time.

Athletes from Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and the Czech Republic fought for tournament medals. The most numerous was the German team, which included representatives of 18 clubs. According to the information of the organizing committee, the total number of participants was 204 people.

“The competition was held at a high level. Participants expressed special gratitude to the organizer and ideological inspirer of this tournament Oleg Derkach — not only for the well-organized tournament, but also for the delicious Uzbek pilaf, prepared by his own hand”, — said Andrey Gertsen, one of the coaches at the tournament.