Sambo World Cup to be held in Serbia

July 21 2023

The Sambo World Cup will be held in Serbia on September 23-24. The tournament in sport and combat sambo among men and women will be held in the city of Novi Sad at the Spence Arena, which is familiar to sambo players.

The Sambo World Cup in Serbia will be open to athletes of national teams representing national sambo federations, which are members of FIAS. In each weight category no more than 2 athletes per country are allowed to participate.

Applications for participation in the competitions shall be submitted by National Sambo Federations not later than August 20, 2023 in accordance with the Regulations. Registration of teams for the Competition is carried out through the FIAS online system: FIAS DATA BASE

September 23—25, 2023 World Cup Serbia  Serbia, Novi Sad