International sambo tournament was held in Germany

June 21

The international SAMBO tournament “Lüneburger Cup” was held on June 8 in the German city of Lüneburg. These traditional competitions took place for the 22nd time and brought together 16 teams from different countries.

About 170 sambists from Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Ukraine competed for the tournament medals. There were both experienced athletes and very young participants at the Lüneburger Cup, for whom this was the first competition in their lives.

“I’m glad that so many young guys from different countries come to SAMBO. And parents want their children, having barely learned to walk, to already master the science of self-defense. Athletes born in 2019 performed at the tournament and were able to get into the spirit of the competition. The SAMBO festival was a success. There was everything: the bitterness of defeats and the joy of victories. The most important thing was that there were emotions, there were beautiful throws, there was a spirit of respect and devotion to SAMBO,” said one of the coaches who participated in the competition, Andrey Herzen.

Daniil Kylymystyi from Berlin, who was only 4.5 years old, was awarded a special cup as the youngest participant in the tournament. The prize for the best technique was taken home by Denis Kirpichenko from the club Sambo Combat Cobra Berlin Brandenburg. Teams that came from distant countries were also awarded special prizes.

According to tradition, after the end of the competition, all tournament participants tasted pilaf prepared by the organizer, creator and inspirer of this tournament, Oleg Derkach.

In the team competition, places were distributed as follows.

1. Sambo Combat Cobra Berlin Brandenburg

2. Sambo Combat Gryphon Berlin

3. BKSV von 1959 e.V.