Asian and Oceania Championships held in Macau

July 04
Asia and Oceania SAMBO Championships took place in Macau

Athletes from 20 countries took part in the Asia and Oceania SAMBO Championships, held in Macau (PRC) on June 29-30. Competitions in Sport and Combat SAMBO among men and women were held in 28 weight categories.

According to the results of the tournament, the leader of the medal standings was the team of Kazakhstan, which won 26 medals (15-7-4), second place went to the team of Uzbekistan with 19 medals (8-1-10), third place went to Turkmenistan with 21 medals (2-6-13).


“This year we managed to take another step forward in the development and popularization of SAMBO by holding the Asia and Oceania Championships in the East Asian region of Macau. I am very glad that the tournament was held at a high organizational level and became a real sports festival for all participants: athletes, coaches, referees and, of course, spectators.

Medals of the championship were won by representatives of 15 countries, which indicates a gradual equalization of the level of professional skills among athletes. In addition to the traditionally high results of representatives of the countries of Central Asia, I would like to note the successes of the national teams of Korea and India, who showed good results in Combat SAMBO, as well as the Filipino athletes who won two silver medals in women’s Sport SAMBO,” noted the head of the Sambo Union of Asia and Oceania Alamjon Mullaev.