Israel sambo federation

3 Ha Histadrut st, 5949402 Bat-yam city, Israel
+97235077744, +972528413631
President Peter Ben Rozen (Boyaroglo)
Secretary General Shay Gyzinger
Vice-president Pavel Musin

Israel saw the beginning of sambo development in 1980s, when the International Sambo Federation stepped out of FILA and got the independence. Fernando Compte was the President of the International Sambo Federation at that time.

There were the new clubs and societies acting separately from judo. Totally 12 clubs were established in Israel.

The national championships and championships among youth and juniors took place regularly. The International tournament dedicated to the memory of athletes, died at the Olympics in 1972 in Munich (Germany).

In 1991 the European championship was organised. The Israeli athletes participated in all the competitions and in different weight categories, their names are the following: Mikhail Bondar, Tsakhi Nakhum, Jakov Bar (Dabul), Vitaliy Kolner, Arkadiy Mordukhaev. They won the bronze medals in the world championship in 1990 in Moscow. The team of Israel was headed by Lior Lansberg. Together with him Alex Rozen and Isaak Mordukhaev trained the national team.

The honoured coaches of the Soviet Union are the following representatives: Ben Rozen (Boyaroglo) Peter – Uzbekistan, Paltiel Eduard – Tadjikistan, Drak Igor – Ukraine, Badler Grigoriy – Kazakhstan, Volin Leonid – Ukraine. For many years Alex Ashkenazi have been training the athletes.