Federacion espanola de luchas olimpicas y disciplinas asociadas

Amos de Escalante, 12 Bajo, Madrid, 28017, Spain
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President Francisco Javier Iglesias Serna
Secretary General Luis Gonzales Morena
Vice-president Angel Luis Gimenez Bravo

Sambo is the official discipline included into the Spanish federation of the Olympic wrestling and associated disciplines. Referees and sportsmen annually take part in the international tournaments. The national and open international tournaments are regularly held. One of the most popular international tournaments is the Memorial named after Santiago Morales.

Sambo in Spain has got a special history. One of the prominent sambo activist was Fernando Compte, who had headed the federation for many years. In 1984 Fernando Compte set up the International sambo federation and was at the helm of the organisation. Due to active participation of Fernando Compte in sambo development a lot of international, continental and local competitions were included into the sports calendar.

List of the competitions

Annually the international sambo championship, Memorial of S.Morales is organised in Spain.

The European Cup is held biannually in Madrid since 2015.

The world championships: 1979, 1980, 1984 in Madrid (Spain), 1985 Saint Sebastian (Spain).

The world championships among youth and juniors: 1980, 1981, 1983, 1984 in Madrid (Spain), 1985 in Bilbao (Spain). Spain hosted the first 5-6 the world championships among youth and juniors.

The world cups: 1977, 1980 in Oviedo (Spain), 1981 in Vigo (Spain), 1982 in Bilbao (Spain), 1985 in Hernani (Spain). Spain also hosted the first 4 world cups.

The European championships: 1974 in Madrid (Spain), 1984 in Leida (Spain).

The world championships among women: 1983, 1984 Madrid, (Spain), 1985 Saint Sebastian (Spain). All these three championships had happened for the first time in the history of sambo among women.

The world Grand-Prix: 1982 in Oviedo (Spain), 1983 in Saraus (Spain), 1984 in Sueta (Spain).

Besides above mentioned competitions many other tournaments were organised in the framework of the IX Bolivarian games in 1981, the Games of the South Crux in 1982, the VIII Pan-American games in 1983, the Hapoel games in 1984 and the II World games in 1985.

Champions and prize winners of Spain 2017

European Championship among Youth and Juniors 2017 in the Czech Republic

Bronze Medal:

Diaz Marta (56 kg)

European Championship 2017 in the Republic of Belarus

Bronze Medal:

Fernandez David (100+ kg)

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