Federatia Romana de sambo

020954, str. Vasile Conta, nr.16, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania
+40 372 769 651
+40 372 891 053
President Viorel Gasca
Secretary General Robert Alexander Andreescu

On October 14, 2004 under the leadership of Viorel Gasca an official sambo presentation was held in Bucharest in the faculty of law of the State University. All sambo specialists from Romania took part in this event as well as the special guests from Moldova and also the representatives of the National Agency for Youth and Sport of Romania (NAYS), and the Romanian martial arts federation president Florentin Marinescu.

Within April 15-18, 2005 the European championship was held in Moscow, at that time the Romanian sambo athletes have been invited for the first time. Under the guidance of Viorel Gasca the Romanian athletes took part in the championship. These athletes, trained by masters of sports Victor Gastemulte and Florin Iacob, are the following: Eduard Rotaru (-62 kg), Adrian Vardianu (- 68 kg), George Bivolaru (-74 kg), Silviu Cudalbu (- 82 kg), Marian Smaranda (- 90 kg), Nicolae Carligea (-100 kg), Eduard Rotaru and Nicolae Carligea. They took the fifth places in their weight categories.

On April 21, 2005 all necessary documents were submitted to NAYS for the recognition of Sambo in Romania.

On May 18-23, 2005 the Romanian athletes participated in the European championship among juniors in Sombor (Serbia), where the female athletes of Romania have participated for the first time.

In 2005 an initiative group was created for propaganda and popularisation of sambo in Romania. Viorel Gasca, Razvan Trocan, Alexandru Chirila, Sherban Jurebie, Florin Iacob, Ghiocel Bota, Eduard Rotaru joined this group.

On November 6-9, 2006 Romania made its debut in the world championship in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Within April 26-30, 2007 the Romanian delegation of 11 persons participated in the European championship in Pravets (Bulgaria). Among the Romanian athletes Liviu Ionescu (-74 kg) took the second place, Anton Pisaloglu (-100kg) and Adriana Cherar (-64 kg) took two third places. As a result Romania took the sixth place in team classification of the European championship. This great success had happened for the first time for Romania at the international level. The Romanian Sambo Federation was accredited and got the membership in the ESF during the congress of the ESF.

In June 2007 in Kiev (Ukraine) the anthem of Romania sound for the first time during the first European games of non-Olympic sports. Alexandra Matasaru won the gold medal being the first in the weight category +80 kg. 

Champions and prize winners of Romania 2017

European Championship among Youth and Juniors 2017 in the Czech Republic

Gold medals:

Truica Diana (52 kg)

Bronze Medals:

Micula Ramona (52 kg)

Nagy Robert (100+ kg)

Rusniac Casandra (60 kg)

Bud Alina (70 kg)

European Championship 2017 in the Republic of Belarus

Bronze Medals:

Poroineanu Daniela (60 kg)

Szoke Laszlo-Zsoke (68 kg)

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