Sambo federation of Slovak Republic

3 Leshkova, Bratislava, 81104, Slovak Republic
+421 944373450; +420 608374503; +420 774742993
President Igor Shashurin
Secretary General Marina Lukyanchik
Vice-president Juraj Revicki

Address for postal services: Czech Republic, Olbraсhtova str., 1044/12, 14000 Prague

The Slovakian Sambo Federation was registered on the 31st October 2006. Since 2003 it has been operating to run trainings and seminars and also to involve volunteers for sambo establishment in the Slovak Republic.

In 2007 two representatives of Slovak national team won bronze medals in combat sambo during the European championship held in Bulgaria.

In 2007 the master class for the European athletes and coaches was held in the country. The seminar was delivered by the honoured master of sports of the Russian Federation, the multi-times world champion in combat sambo Fedor Emelianenko.

Since 2008 till now a special cup named in honour of Fedor Emelianenko has been awarded in the heavy-weight category in sports and combat sambo at the all international tournaments held in the Slovak Republic.

The founder of the Slovakian sambo federation is Igor Shashurin, two-times world champion, two-times silver and bronze winner among masters.

Since 2012 the Slovakian sambo federation has organised traditional competitions in the new format of team competitions.

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