Czech Sambo Union

Czech Republic
1. 110 00 Vaclavske nam. 37, offiсe 313, Prague, Czech Republic
+420 720 655 655
President Lukas Pilc
Vice-president Aleksandr Chrapak

The Czech Republic saw sambo in the middle of 1970s. This type of sport was forbidden and was taught only in the parts of the Czecho-Slovak People’s Army. The Sambo union of Czech Republic was established in 2004 and was accredited in 2008. Before 2008 sambo was a discipline of martial arts in the Czech Republic and later got the independent status in the country.

The Sambo union of Czech Republic annually organises the national championships in sports and combat sambo among adults and youth, the sportsmen participate in international tournaments.

Dana Zdenkova became the champion of Europe in 2005 in Moscow. Elena Eiglova won the gold medal in the world championship among youth and juniors in Tashkent in 2006. Lukash Blazhek won the silver medal in the world championship in combat sambo in 2007 and he also won the bronze medal in the European championship 2004-2005.

Lukash Pilts is the President of the Sambo union of Czech Republic. He participated many times in the sports sambo competitions. He became also a prize-winner of the world cup stage Memorial A. Kharlampiev in Moscow.

Lukash Pilts is the mayor Milovice. There is a significant development of sambo in this city. Sambo has been practised in all regions of the Republic. There are many registered federal schools of sambo in 7 regions of the Czech Republic, with 700 of sambo athletes. The largest sambo schools are in Prostejov and Milovice.