Macedonian sambo federation

Ferid Zahiri br.61000 Skopje, Macedonia
+389 78 314 421
+38922616 843
President Erdal Fakic
Secretary General Slavcho Todorov
Vice-president Sasho Tasevski

The Macedonian sambo federation was set up on 27th March, 2013. The federation is recognised by the Agency of the Youth and Sport of the Republic of Macedonia on 25 April 2013.

The first national championship among men was held in Skopje in 2014. There were 40 participants. Before the championship the coaches and referees’ seminars were held on 29th March.

The president of the National Olympic Committee Vasiliy Tuporkovskiy and the president of the Greek sambo federation Merabi Iliadis attended the championship according to the invitation of the president of the Macedonian sambo federation.

The president of the National Olympic Committee highly appreciated the level of the competition and also overall activity of the Macedonian sambo federation. He declared that sambo had a lot of potential for development in the country and the odds were good for getting the recognition in the near future.

After this competition in March the national team took part in the European championship in Bucharest (Romania) in 2014. 

Erdal Fakic - President

Sasho Tasevski - Vice President

Slavcho Todorov - General Secretary