Hungary raises the number of ESF members to 36!

May 22 2013

Hungary has entered to European Sambo Federation on ESF Congress held in Crema (Italy) right before the start of European Sport and Combat Sambo Championships.

This event raises the number of national sambo federations joined with ESF to 36. The President of Hungarian Sambo Federation is Imre Papp.

Hungarian sambo debuted on the great European competitions in Crema: Aron Eszes has played on the Combat sambo tournament in the weight category up to 74 kg. He can’t fight for the medals because he was defeated by Ukrainian sambo player at the first round, but it was beginning...

We will glad to see Hungarian sambo players on the World and European Sambo Championships among adults, youth and juniors in future!

May 17—21, 2013 European championships, sport sambo (M&W) and combat sambo Men, Women, Men (Combat)  Italy, Crema