Croatian sambo federation

10360, Croatia , Sesvete, Ulica Zumbula 22
+385 91 739 30 32
Secretary General MARIO JURKOVIĆ

The Croatian sambo federation (CSF) was established in February 2010. The federation was formed by 4 officially registered sambo clubs from Crows, Predator, Valhalla, Zagreb.

The first initiative to introduce sambo in Croatia and to create sambo federation was taken by Ultimate Fight Club Crows from Zagreb and its founder Željko Banić. There were other enthusiasts besides Željko Banić: the CSF Vice President Marko Rukavina and the Secretary General Jadranko Čačić. Experienced in other similar sports such as wrestling, judo, kickboxing and ultimate fighting these people have seen a great opportunity in bringing sambo to their country.

The federation formed the base for the sport inviting sambo experts to Croatia and attending seminars in different countries. The first Croatian national sambo team took part in the International tournament of category «A», «Memorial of A. Kharlampiev» in March 2010. Although team consisted of only 6 athletes they managed to take the 4th place in combat sambo (-90 kg).

In May 2011 a team of 3 athletes competed at the European championship in Sofia. Here competitors also took the 4th place in combat sambo (-74kg). In November 2011 Croatia also participated in the XXXIV world championship in Vilnius (Lithuania). 

There were education seminars and trainings for athletes, coaches and special police unit delivered by the official FIAS sambo demonstration team. In 2011 the Croatian sambo federation was accepted by FIAS as a full member country. 

The Croatian sambo federation has got recognition from the National Olympic Committee of Croatia. There are 50 sambo athletes in the federation. The CSF worked out a marketing plan to promote and develop sambo in all regions of Croatia. 

In 2012 the CSF organised the first national championship and took part in the European sambo championship held in May in Moscow. The CSF aims at improving ties with different Balkan sambo federations and participating in the regional competitions in future. 

The European sambo championship will be held in Zagreb in May 2015. In the next few years the European sambo championship among cadets and the world championship among masters will be also organised in Croatia.

Champions and prize winners of Croatia 2017

European Championship 2017 in the Republic of Belarus

Silver Medal:

Blagojevic Maja (64 kg)