Hungarian Sambo Federation

1148, Budapest, Nagy Lajos király u. 41/a, 1/3
+36 30 98 999 81
President Imre Papp
Secretary General Marta Orsolya
Vice-president Sirankó Ferenc

The Hungarian sambo federation was registered in 2009. The federation consists of 3 clubs: Imperial sambo, Imperial sambo Zuglo and Laslo.

Since the official establishment of federation the athletes took part in many international tournaments. The best results of the Hungarian sambo athletes are as follows:

Frank Blazer took the third place in the Austria Open in 2011 (combat sambo), Gabor Arva took the third place in the Austria Open (sports sambo).

In 2013 the national team participated in the European sambo championship in Crema (Italy). The Hungarian athlete Aron Esesh performed in combat sambo and took 8-9 places.

The federation aims at sambo development, organisation of the national championships and sambo demonstration for children, youth and juniors. It is also necessary to get the recognition of the National Olympic Committee and participate in the international tournaments, create mutual ties with the different national sambo federations.

In April 2014 the Honvéd Zrínyi Sport Association Sambo section was formed at the military officer's academy as a recreational activity with leadership of Imre Papp. Increased the number of clubs belonging to the organization.

In September the Federation organized the first Beach sambo tournament in Csopak city, than organized a successful sambo demonstration in Counter terrorism centre fight show in Budapest. In October the sambo athletes from Honvéd Zrínyi associaton were succesful represented on Military Combat Sports Championship of the Hungarian Army. They won two gold and one silver medals. This time established the Fehérszarvas Sport association in Tamási city, with leadership of Attila Tóth former lieutenant-colonel of special police forces, judo and ju jitsu master. Main profile is the training of children. In December of 2014 the first Hungarian tournament was organized. The most successful athlete was Vesztergom József, who won silver medal in Sambo European championship in Zagreb in 2015 (combat sambo 100kg), and 5th place in World championship in Sofia in 2016 in same cathegory. The federation organizes the Beach sambo tournament and Hungarian tournament every year. The result of the massive work and Sambo popularization road show in Hungary (Csomád city, Vác city, etc.) many clubs joined the National federation in 2017. According to the decision of conference 2017, in this time there are 11 member clubs (in 7 county) and the Martial artists for children foundation as member in Hungarian Sambo Federation.