All-Russian sambo federation

8, Luzhnetskaya nab., Moscow, Russia, 119991
+7 499 557 04 46(7)
+7 495 725 46 83
President Sergey Eliseev
Secretary General Roman Bolotsky

The All-Russian sambo federation was established on the 14-th July in 1990 for the development, propaganda and popularisation of sambo in the Russian Federation, for consolidation and rise of sambo position in the international arena.  The federation is a member of the European sambo federation (ESF) and International Sambo Federation (FIAS). The federation is also the member of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC), the Russian Union of Martial Arts (RUMA) and the Multisport Association of Russia (AMSR).

Sergey Eliseev is elected as a President of the All-Russian sambo federation, honoured coach of Russia, PhD in pedagogics, and professor of wrestling department at the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, honoured worker of physical education of the Russian Federation.

In 2003 according to the decision of the Russia’s State Sports committee sambo is officially recognised as a national and priority type of sport in the country.

At present sambo is among the most massive types of sport. Thanks to its accessibility and its role in the public sphere, sambo has been developed in the 80 federal entities of the Russian Federation.

The Russian national team maintains the country's prestige in the international arena, surely gaining victories in the team events. The Russians regularly become prize winners of the world and European championships, and they are the strongest athletes in sambo in many weight categories in the international arena. The glory to sambo came thanks to many honoured master of sports, among them are: the eleven-times world champions Murat Hasanov and Irina Rodina, the eight-times world champion Svetlana Galyant, the seven-times world champion Rakhmatulin Rais, the six-times world champion Sergey Lopovok, the four-times world champion in combat sambo, the multiple world champion in mixed martial arts Fedor Emelianenko, the winners of the first World Martial Arts Games Marianna Aliyeva, Ekaterina Onopriyenko and Bair Omoktuev (combat sambo), the winners of the World Summer Universiade: Bondareva Elena, Kharitonovа Anna, Kostenko Yana, Mohnatkina Marina, Kovyazina Anastasia, Atkunov Aymergen, Khlybov Ilya, Davydov Denis, Kurzhev Ouali, Kiryuhin Sergey, Rumyantsev Pavel, Kuchumov Alexander and others.

Olympic prospects

One of the greatest achievements of the last decades has been the formation of the close-knit sambo community. Thousands of people inspired by sambo and united by its values share the same ideals both in Russia and worldwide. Sambo is included in the official programme of the World Combat Games "SportAccord" and the World Summer Universiade, the European and Asian Games. The number of amateurs and professional athletes has been growing every year. The main goal at the world scale is to join the Olympic family. Sambo community in Russia accomplishes difficult and laborious work on sambo recognition as the Olympic sport.

In news

March 28 2015
Winners and prize-winners of the Second Day of the World Cup in sambo “Memorial Anatoly Kharlampiev”
March 27 2015
February 02 2015
The All-Russian Sambo Federation invite to participate in the International sambo training camp
August 19 2014
The II International seminar for sambo referees will be held in Kstovo, Russia
March 20 2014
Watch the bouts of the World Cup stage “Memorial A.Kharlampiev” live on FIAS website
January 31 2014
December 19 2013
October 18 2013
Elena Bondareva from Russia is the first sambo champion on the WCG “SportAccord”
August 01 2013
Sambo is the presentational sport at the 9th World Games in Kali (Colombia)
July 19 2013
June 07 2013
Russian sambo team is the 7-time winner of the Cup of the President of Russian Federation
June 06 2013
Russian national team on the Cup of the President of Russian Federation
March 24 2013
Second day of “A.Kharlampiev Memorial” brings 9 victories to Russia and one to Belarus
March 23 2013
Eight gold medals for Russia and one for Ukraine in the first day of “A.Kharlampiev Memorial”
March 11 2013
Russian Sambo men national teams for the WCh-2013 and ECh-2013 are formed
February 26 2013
Russian Combat Sambo national teams for the WCh-2013 and ECh-2013 are formed
February 25 2013
23 countries confirmed participation in Moscow WC stage “A.Kharlampiev Memorial”
February 11 2013
Russian sportsmen and coaches took part in the tournament and training in China
February 05 2013
December 15 2012
The President of ESF took part in actions of Russian Olympic Committee
December 10 2012
Sergey Eliseev took part in celebration of 50th Anniversary of Sambo in Armavir (RUS)
November 30 2012
Russian squad on the Sambo World Cup among students in Kazan
November 07 2012
Two forced substitutions in the Russian men sambo team
October 31 2012
Russian national team on the World Sambo Championships in Minsk
October 11 2012
Russia on the Youth and Juniors Sambo WC: 40 fighters for medals
September 05 2012
August 24 2012
August 20 2012
June 18 2012
January 27 2012
Invitation to The XII International Science Research Conference in memory of E.Chumakov
December 26 2011
November 25 2011
President of ESF has taken part in Olympic assembly
November 11 2011
Russia in the World Championship in Lithuania: 27 medal hopes
October 27 2011
Aslakhanov won the seventh gold medal of the WC among masters
October 13 2011