German Sambo Federation

Deutscher Sambo-Verband e.V. (German Sambo Federation) Fabian Schley Vorholzstrasse 60 76137 Karlsruhe Germany
+49 174 905 25 83
President Fabian Schley
Vice-president Oleg Gabrielov
Vice-president Eduard Marker
Technical Director Nam Hai Milan Vu

The main goal of German Sambo Federation is to unite all coaches, judges and athletes as a whole  friendly SAMBO family. The year of 2017 became critical for the German Sambo Federation.

In 2017 Federation President Joseph Barth retired due to illness, and according to the Federation Charter Oleg Gabrielov empowered the President’s duties. His activity as head of the German Sambo Federation began in August 2017. Since than it was possible to accumulate the remained forces and give a new impetus to the federation activity, and of course, use its potential to the full. New Sambo coaches and athletes joined the federation, as well as athletes from the Judo Federation of Germany, who like practicing Sambo. They became the leading athletes in Sambo in Germany, among them we should mention the first: Helge Molt, Bjørn Bachmann and Kassandra Valux.

In 2017 a German national team participated at the European Championships in Minsk and won 3 bronze medals in Combat Sambo, at the World Championship in Sochi it got a bronze medal in Sports Sambo.

The Youth and Juniors fought tough and were close to take the victory. Finally they have won the 5th places in World and European competitions.  The year of 2017 became a year of the Sambo revival in Germany.

After the meeting of the Executive Committee of German Sambo Federation in January 2018, new energetic people joined the Executive Committee board. Olena Lipold was elected a Secretary General of the Federation, Valery Khempel, Helge Molt and Bjorn Bachmann were elected the Vice-Presidents of the Federation. We have created various commissions in many sectors of activity.

We are delighted to have medals, but we are happy the most that in 2018 very strong clubs returned to our Federation.  "Sambo 07 e.V. Hannover, with up to 150 athletes involved, presided by Yevgeny Khaimov. The club of our old friend Sergey Semenov and the Sambo Saxony Land Federation “Sambo Verband Sachsen e.V.” with up to 100 athletes. The club from the city of Halle "GSV e.V." numbering up to 50 athletes joined as also again. We managed not only to unite, but also create new Sambo branches in existing sports clubs as well as many independent Sambo clubs. For example, in the largest sports club in Berlin, AC Berlin, in which 16 sports are involved, has already opened a Sambo branch. A Club «AС Berlin» has recently applied to join our Federation. A new club, «Sambo Combat Eisbären Heidenheim e.V.», has been opened in the city of Heidenheim, which has also applied for membership in our Federation. Our sports results and the development of Sambo in Germany show that we are moving in the right direction.

In February 2018 we held the Championship of Germany with participation of many athletes from other Sambo associations and Judo Federations were invited. Under the auspices of the German Sambo Federation we held several local tournaments, 4 international tournaments, such as the Saxon Cup, Hannover Cup, Open Championship of Berlin and the international tournament in Lüneburg.

As for international experience, it is worth noting that our athletes took part in almost all major international tournaments held by both the European Sambo Federation and International Sambo Federation. There are two bronze medalists at the World Cup in Moscow, winners and medalists at the Dutch Open Championship, Great Prize of Paris and Baltic Cup. Our athletes participated in the European and World Championships, the Potapov Memorial in Vladivostok.  It is true that our athletes do not always have enough experience and skills. For that the reason we always run and test the Youth, 18 - 20 years old at international tournaments. In terms of development, we want to make Germany the center of Sambo in Europe by organizing many international tournaments of all levels for club and national teams. This year together with the Berlin club «Combat Sambo Gryphon e.V» we will try to hold regularly the European Champions Cup between the European Sambo Club teams. We would like to hold world and European championships of different age categories in Germany. We work hard to unite German sambo athletes. I want to say that there is a desire and potential for the implementation of federation’s goals. As Federation President, I should like to express my sincere gratitude to all athletes and administrative staff for their support and active participation!

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