Archive of the 2011 year


January 28—31, 2011 World Cup stage in prizes of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbaev Kazakhstan, Uralsk


February 10—12, 2011 International tournament "V. Gordeev Memorial" Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
February 16—18, 2011 World Cup stage - President Belarus prize Belarus, Minsk


March 04—06, 2011 X German Championship Germany, Itzehoe
March 17—20, 2011 Dutch Open Championships Netherlands, Dalfsen
March 24—27, 2011 World Cup stage Memorial A. Kharlampiev Russia, Moscow


April 08—13, 2011 International seminar of sports judges Greece, Halkidiki
April 14—18, 2011 European Championship among youth and juniors Czech Republic, Prague


May 03—06, 2011 International youth tournament "Pobeda" Russia, Moscow
May 06, 2011 Pan-American seminar of sports judges USA, New Jersey
May 06—08, 2011 International tournament of category A - USA Sambo Open USA, New Jersey
May 07—08, 2011 Pan-American Championship among adults, juniors USA, New Jersey
May 12—16, 2011 European Championships Bulgaria, Sofia
May 20—22, 2011 Paris Grand Prix France, Paris
May 27—29, 2011 Team Cup of President of Russian Federation Russia, Moscow


June 01—06, 2011 Asian Championships Uzbekistan Republic, Tashkent
June 01—05, 2011 Asian seminar of sports judges Uzbekistan Republic, Tashkent
June 10—12, 2011 World Cup stage Yu.Potapov Memorial Russia, Vladivostok
June 24—26, 2011 African seminar of sports judges Morocco, Casablanca
June 24—26, 2011 Casablanca Grand Prix Morocco, Casablanca


July 01—05, 2011 World Cup stage A. Astakhov Memorial Venezuela, Caracas
July 03—09, 2011 European seminar of sports judges Italy, Ragusa


September 12—19, 2011 International tournament Slovakia, Bratislava
September 22—24, 2011 International tournament A.Doga Memorial Moldova, Kishinev
September 30—03, 2011 World Cup stage in prizes of A.Aslakhanov Russia, Moscow


October 13—17, 2011 World Championships among youth and juniors Latvia, Riga
October 23—26, 2011 World Championship among masters (men older 35 years) Greece, Halkidiki
October 25—27, 2011 Euro Union Cup Greece, Halkidiki


November 10—14, 2011 XXXV World Sports and Combat Sambo Championships adults Lithuania, Vilnius
November 25—27, 2011 International tournament SAMBO-Germaniade Germany, Bad Bruckenau
November 26—28, 2011 Vojvodina Open Championship Serbia, Vojvodina


December 02—04, 2011 International tournament S.Mikhaylovich Memorial Serbia, Novi Sad
December 02—04, 2011 Austrian Open Championship Austria, Wienna
December 09—11, 2011 International tournament in prizes of A.Markaryan Russia, Armavir
December 09—11, 2011 International Juniors tournament P.Ejgminas Memorial Lithuania, Vilnius